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Chemtrails -- Air Force Switching to Monoatomic Gold? Neat!

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The Air Force self-concocted mission, "Own the Weather by 2025" (Chemtrails - We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends) is reported to be making a huge strategic change in the chemicals being dropped on us, changing from toxic Aluminium based aerosols to non-toxic mono-atomic gold (aka monatomic) together with some creepy sounding smart nanobots that  self-replicate. Briefly, what this massive, carefree-what-me-worry, geoengineering experimental weapons science project is about to create has far greater consequences than even the Air Force may realize. I'm suddenly enthused. I don't imply I want to suffer some agonizing air-born nano-bot disease, it's the monoatomic gold that interests me.

David Hudson, a little farmer out west stumbled on monoatomic gold through using government recommended world class chemists to annalyse and process soil samples taken from his farm, when trying to figure out how to enhance his soil productivity to grow cotton, about 20 years ago. Monoatomic Gold properties are most unusual.

The difficulty of working with monoatomic gold is to properly identify the powdery white substance to begin with and its processing requires unique preparations. Some scientists still claim refining gold to this powdery white state has not been achieved. But Hudson is no fool, he's patented all his refining process discoveries for producing it over the past two decades of his costly struggle. If he has to suffer mainstream science's public humiliation of his humble, yet seemingly unbelievable research in the face of scientific ridicule and abuse, don't get even....just patent the process! Monoatomic gold spectral analysis (according to Hudson) reads like silicate aluminum and silicate aluminum ingested by humans (read-on; human ingestion is reported physically transformative) in the quantities needed for the gold to reach a state of super conducting, flux-flow coherence, would be fatal. The gold, of course, is not fatal, but transformative, something the Air Force probably is not yet concerned about.

Rumor has it, only a couple of guys at the top know what's really going and they are probably not the military brass. Like most military projects, there is a secret, within a secret, within a secret two thirds of which is cover story to hide the real plan, and cover stories are there to misdirect the curious with a patina of official plausible deniability. But I doubt our sky warriors know or are considering the "real secret" yet. All they usually care about are weapons applications  and their rumored holographic sky projection  that when perfected, can scare the hell out of anyone they want to target. You won't believe David Hudson's story, however. 


The Air Force for the past two decades in an unsupervised, self-concocted mission with elite cabal-serving, beyond reach, tiny cadre of unaccountable scientists and interlocking military-industrial poobahs have been dumping toxic hydrolyzed aluminum oxide into our atmosphere and very recently modified commercial transportation jet fuel with an additive to release white exhaust that immediately locks in water vapor when burned at altitude.  Technically this additive sucks-up water droplets and can therefore be called an artificially induced vapor trail. Except the exhaust created by this additive also emits deadly by-products and is specifically designed with a secondary function to create super-saturated droplets and hold them for many hours, not seconds as normal jet fuel. The Air Force in its carefree complex science-art of weather manipulation and advanced weapons systems (Chemtrails and HAARP) are now reported to be changing to dumping gold in its monoatomic state. I can only guess what wisdom prompts the powers that be to move into dumping mono-atomic gold but the results could be profound evolution of the human specie according to Hudson. Ingesting about 1.5 grams of it will cause a flux-flow super conduction at body temperature. This state of being has profound ramifications of biblical proportions according to Hudson.


Hudson has been outside the US and field testing his theories in South East Asia for the past 12 years. Most importantly  monoatomic gold is a super conductor at room temperature, i.e., it  super conducts at body temperature. Other than possibly monoatomic silver, which Hudson has not analysed, monoatomic gold ingested by humans, according to David's field research, eventually reaches critical mass in the human body at which time the individual atoms of gold suddenly, all at once, align themselves into a super conducting coherence pattern throughout the human body including our brain, and begin to flux flow in a Meisner Field. All the atoms act together as though they are one atom in an endless, continuing field of super conducted energy. Once this state of coherence is reached in the human body, according the Hudson, we are physically transformed literally like the ascension of Christ. This is what Hudson directly states in his research report without implying Christ-like character. The explanation is Hudson's but the background leading to the explanation stems from his consulting the well known Zero Point Energy expert Dr. Harold E. Putoff - Physicist.  I've followed Hudson for years and he seems surprisingly grounded in thorough chemistry protocols for the farm-boy image he sports. Out of respect for Hudson, no one in his filmed interview asked him directly for an in-depth confirmation of how many volunteer human subjects in South East Asia, may or may not have taken the  magical 1.5 gram dosage and transformed. Hudson says he has not taken the dosage (but will in the future) determined to retain some degree of objectivity.


What this means is that each human reaching critical mass should no longer require food, not because we are dead, but because we are super-conducting and charging our body's bio-electric network and nervous system needs directly from the Earth's natural power grid. Food converts eventually to our needed bio-chemical electrical system. The consequences of being saturated with monoatomic gold at the 1.5+- grams magical coherence level, range far beyond a foodless state of being.

Dave Hudson's theories from his field research are simple but require thoroughness: when the monoatomic gold commences superconducting, the gold mass itself is directly existing in two dimensional planes, our physical 3-dimensional plane of space-time that we experience in normal awake-state life,  and simultaneously in a higher metaphysical dimensional plane of time-space, also referred to as the Zero Point or the Akashic plane. The range of effects David reports from his field investigative research is jaw dropping: knowledge of all things, teleportation like  --- Johnathon Livingston Seagull,  an ability to hold a sick person and let them heal instantly through just knowing what's wrong and allowing healing love energy to flow through you and into them as needed. The state of being includes even mind reading and mental telepathy, in short, the human transforms into some form of angel (good or bad).

Access to the Akashic plane is beyond description. Some adepts who have reported entering the Akashic in deep meditation say all knowledge is available to the seeker for its mere asking. Think the question and the answer is already there in your consciousness. The closest most of us get to this state is perhaps in deep sleep, and then we usually do not realize anything unusual has occurred unless we happen to enter lucid dreaming. We then need the presence of mind inside the lucid dream to pull ourselves away from all the fun, self-indulging exploratory games and focus instead on life's big questions.

Cone-Shaped Pyramid


In our culture we would call this state of flux flow coherence-experience as "communicating with the infinite intelligence of God," and not hallucinating. We would be co-creating answers to our own prayers. In other ancient cultures predating even the Hammurabi Code, going back to the earliest records found in Egyptian tombs, monoatomic gold is inscribed in hieroglyphs of the steep cone-shaped pyramid (like tall cone # 138 to the left, in the Priests' inventory of materials removed from the First Temple) and called by many names:  "Manna", "Food of the Gods","Semen of the Father in Heaven", "Golden Tear From The Eye of Horus", "That Which Issues From The Mouth of The Creator," as various ancient clinical descriptions of its hydrolyzed form -- a white liquid substance, not at all gold in color. The "Egyptian Book of The Dead" reports it as being called "What Then Is It?" many times over. The literal translation of "manna" is: "what is it?" Thus, all this ancient language from multiple sources, reaching back thousands of years, seems to interconnect and point to the same unusual, magical state of gold, a state some scientists claim is impossible to achieve.


Here's The Catch


We may not be ready for this at all. Whew! It not only makes angels but angels are apparently good and bad. The devil is a bad angel, right? According to David's theories (see his linked video) when entering this new state of coherence, we create life spans of 900+- years like those reported in our Biblical texts of some people living before The Flood. It's a state modern researchers call "living off the energy grid." It's reported in more than one alternative media video by researchers as going on all over the world in test labs for confirmation. While a lot of this may sound good, the downside according to Hudson is we create demons as well as angels in the process. What a story Hudson tells!

A series of books I've read three times called "The Law of One", free on line download, explain that the logos (intelligent energy) that created our particular galaxy phased out 900 year life spans as a growth catalyst to cause us to spiritually evolve faster by creating more reincarnations in our 75,000 year 3rd Dimension (a dimension just now coming to its close).  Wait-wait-wait! Hold on! Okay, maybe I go too far with reporting works of modern era channelers. But farm-boy Hudson seems to be thoroughly, cautiously, plodding forward step-by-step towards something worth watching.

Many months ago, I jokingly posted the random comment online, something like "Gee, if we have to be sprayed with chemicals why not make it monoatomic gold?" It was intended to be a joke based on a summary of most of my recreational scientific and non-scientific reading materials over the past few years of private reading. I received a most unusual and coldly expressed email from an anonymous inquirer wanting to know (demanding really) where the idea of spraying monoatomic gold came from and why? I never answered him then, but perhaps this blog does provide the answer.

The best quick review I've come across of all the atmospheric weapons applications our Air Force and GMO's are currently running, together with a cynical but truthful evaluation of the public service this mission provides humanity, is covered here. You will quickly see the field is so complex that the "public good" is difficult to describe. I'd rather just breath clean air  and drink pure water thank you, and take whatever corona mass ejections mother nature has in store.

No doubt what the Air Force probably believes it's doing is to perfect a super-conducting plasma atmosphere dropping down into the lower warmer levels with materials capable of transmitting energy waves without loss over distance. If a beam weapon triggered a monoatomic gold-saturated atmospheric flux-flow, the beam would retain its energy over any distance where the flux flow field existed. What a weapon that would make! With my latest fighter-jet strapped on, I could fire a line-of-site beam over 250 miles without aiming error and without loss of power. In fact why even leave the ground? Just put the weapon on my tank or my boat or a convenient hill top. The Air Force can keep the mission of getting the nano-particles into the sky. Congress has to balance all the perks after all.  Memo To Self: Buy Gold first thing tomorrow morning because .... no wait, why will I need gold if I am an enlightened demigod and light being? Oh yeah I remember, because I will need to recharge my body with a dose of monoatomic gold ever so often.

What our brave men and women of the Air Force probably are not expecting is 7-billion newly minted angels of all-knowing knowledge, teleporting where ever. 



Post Script

The Website Nafarium  posted July 18, 2013 at 15:23 into his video, a supporting comment to my "impossible, what-the-heck is Rich talking about, tin-foil-hat, conspiracy theory**", concerning gold and the fourth level of obfuscation of gold and its value according to Nafarium, concerning the anti-gravity feature of gold (i.e. what happens when gold loses 44% of its mass).  Also another source of strange confirmation supporting Nafarium's video discussion on Cold Fusion, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works announced in February 2013  it is producing a small Cold Fusion prototype module now and shooting for 2017 as a working model delivery date. This is a huge announcement by Lockheed and will likely be a factor specifically referred to in the next Presidential Election cycle coming up. Cold Fusion, if and when brought public as it now appears to have been,  is clean, without radio active by-product. The thing about Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works is they have never before announced in advance, what highly classified projects they are working on.  For Lockheed to go public with this announcement is an important signal to the deep black-ops community that the entire subject of energy is open for discussion. The expected public discussion will likely include scientific revelations which will impact our mainstream scientific understanding of reality itself.  I read both Kelly Johnson's (the old boss of Skunk Works and lead engineer-designer of the U2 spy plane and the super fast SR71, and I've read Ben Rich's*** -- lead engineer designer for our F117 steath fighter-- books) Why do they announce Cold Fusion now? These discussions will prepare the way for public full disclosure.




  1. **  Some of the don't-disturb-my-reality debunker-responses received from about a half dozen California readers when I posted this blog in 150 + communities on Patch out of over 10,000 views out of a reading market of over 15-million computer screens. Most comments were positive and open minded to this data, which actually surprised me.
  2. ***  Ben Rich's Most Famous Quote: " We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to even get them out to benefit humanity ... Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do." Ben Rich,  the man who had led the development of the F-117 Stealth Fighter at Lockheed's secret research and development Skunk Works, gave an alumni speech at his UCLA alma mater in 1993 (pg 164- Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion by Paul A. LaViolette - Ph.D.)

ABOUT RICH BUCKLEY:  http://tinyurl.com/bbb2rot

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